Top 6 Unusual Skincare Tips that You Didn’t Know

Do you have a friend who has the strangest skincare practices but whose skin is always bright and shining? Maybe they’ve given you advice that seems strange and out of place?

So, should you dismiss all these “out-of-the-box” skincare tips?

No, you shouldn’t. Sometimes, the strangest skincare tips can work wonders on your skin. However, in other cases, they may cause permanent skin damage. It’s much better to stick to the regular products when you buy skin care products in Pakistan.

However, sometimes you can benefit from trying out stranger skincare tips. In this article, we will discuss some of the top skincare tips that work perfectly on most skin types.

Do Unusual Skincare Tips Work?

It depends on what tips you’re following. If you’re given the advice to choose a different brand when you buy skincare products in Pakistan, there’s probably no harm if the products are dermatologist-approved.

However, if you’re told to take a skin “poison” from a strange brand, then you should think twice!

Here are unusual skincare tried and tested skincare tips for beautiful, smooth, and radiant skin:

  1. Don’t Use Cleanser in the Mornings

Do you always start your skincare routine with a cleanser? You may not need to.

Many facial cleansers will remove dirt, dust, and toxins from your skin. However, these cleansers may also dry out your skin. So, unless you get a hydrating skin cleanser, consider skipping the morning cleanser. It may seem strange, but it actually makes more sense to reserve a cleanser for the evening when you think of it.

Instead of a cleanser, you can simply wash your face with water, provided you already washed your face with a cleanser before going to bed the previous night.

  • Change Your Pillowcase Regularly for Healthier Skin

You’re probably wondering what does a pillowcase has to do with your skin’s health? However, this tip comes from many reputable skin experts.

Your pillowcase may hold in toxins and dirt over time. When you sleep on it at night, your face is exposed to the dirt for several hours, resulting in skin damage.

Simply change your pillowcase more often and make sure it’s clean before going to bed, and you’ll be amazed at the effect it can have on your skin.

  • Reserve a Day of the Week to Go Makeup-Free

Even if you have the best makeup products from international brands, they still cause slight damage to your skin over time. Some makeup products can block the skin’s pores, causing it to become dry and rubbery.

Some skincare experts recommend skipping makeup occasionally to allow your skin to breathe. Set aside one day as a no-makeup day, and you’ll notice your skin improving week after week. After all, who needs makeup if they have naturally smooth and radiant skin?

  • Use Ice Treatment

Sometimes inflammation, pimples, or acne may cause skin irritation. When you buy skin care products in Pakistan, you can find products with antioxidant properties that may reduce inflammation over time.

However, if you want instant relief, press an ice cube against your skin for a few minutes. Ice can also help improve the blood flow under your skin and give you a fuller, more radiant look.

  • Use Tissue Towels in Place of Cloth Towels

Cloth towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria that may cause acne to spread. You should never share your towel with anyone in the first place, but did you know that your own towel may be just as bad for your skin?

The dirt and bacteria stay in the towel for longer after you wipe your face. The next time you use the same towel, the bacteria will transfer to your skin, causing acne and other skin problems.

A better solution is to use tissue or disposable paper towels to dry your face. Nowadays, you can get paper towels with disinfectants that make them bacteria-free.

  • Use Tee Tree Oil

Many people are hesitant to use exotic oils on their skin, and they should be. However, tea tree oil is dermatologist-approved for most skin types and won’t cause harmful side effects. It’s also one of the most effective skincare products and works like a charm to cure acne marks, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes.

Tea tree oil can also improve your skin’s texture and is a perfect treatment for dry skin. So, if you’re struggling to remove skin blemishes caused by acne, give tea tree oil a try.

Always Use Dermatologist-Approved Products

Lastly, never try out skincare products or techniques that skin care specialists don’t recommend. When you buy skin care products in Pakistan from a reliable online cosmetics store, you’ll be 100% sure that their products won’t damage your skin.

There’s a reason why many of these products undergo rigorous testing before being approved for use!