Lux, Dove, and More: Unilever's Best Beauty Products of 2024

Lux, Dove, and More: Unilever's Best Beauty Products of 2024

You know how tough it is to find beauty products that work for you. With so many options on the shelves, how do you choose?

Well, we're making it easy for you. We tested all of Unilever's latest and greatest so you don't have to. In this post, we'll tell you about the top products from Unilever that are absolute must-haves for your hair, skin, and more in 2024.

Keep reading to find out which shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, and more come out on top!

Luxury Care from Sunsilk and TRESemmé

Silky Smooth with Sunsilk

Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner have dominated the Indian haircare market for decades with high-quality yet affordable products. Their Lifebouy shampoo and Sunsilk conditioner leave your hair feeling clean, soft, and smelling fresh. For dry or color-treated hair, the Keratin Straight shampoo and Keratin Straight conditioner transform your locks into a smooth, frizz-free mane.

Salon Quality at Home with TRESemmé

Why spend big bucks at an expensive salon when you can get professional results at home? TRESemmé's shampoos and conditioners are formulated to moisturize, strengthen, volumize, and repair damage. The Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner banish frizz for up to 72 hours, leaving hair sleek and glossy. For flat, limp hair, the Volume shampoo and conditioner plump up the cuticle to add bounce and lift at the roots. With TRESemmé, you can get a salon finish every time.

A Little Luxury

Even with more affordable brands, it's nice to treat yourself to a bit of luxury from time to time. Unilever's premium brand, Lux, offers a touch of indulgence. The Lux shampoo range gently cleanses hair while the Lux conditioner leaves it soft, detangled, and infused with a lingering floral fragrance. For an extra special experience, the Lux bath and shower gels transform your daily routine into a spa-like escape with lush lathers and decadent scents like peony and jasmine. A little luxury can go a long way.

With high-performance, salon-quality products at budget-friendly prices, Unilever has your haircare and skincare needs covered. You can get professional results at home and feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Now that's what we call a beauty bargain!

Skincare Superstars: Ponds, Fair & Lovely, and Dove

Ponds has been a skincare staple for generations. Their cult-favorite Ponds Cold Cream is a makeup remover and moisturizer in that leaves skin soft and glowing. For lightweight hydration, check out Ponds Light Gel. It's oil-free, non-greasy, and absorbs in seconds.

Fair & Lovely which has a new name now that is Glow & Lovely is known for their skin-brightening creams, like the popular Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream. Packed with vitamins B3 and E, it helps reduce dark spots and improves skin radiance over time. Their Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Cream specifically targets post-acne marks and age spots. For an instant boost, try the Fair & Lovely BB Cream. It color corrects, conceals imperfections, and provides SPF 30 protection.

A pioneer in the self-care movement, Dove's moisturizing Beauty Bars and body washes are mild, pH-balanced, and sulfate-free. But their skincare line is just as impressive. The Dove DermaSeries Fragrance-Free Face Wash is a creamy cleanser for sensitive skin. For anti-aging, the Dove DermaSeries Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream boosts collagen production and smooths fine lines. And their cult-favorite Dove Beauty Cream Bar leaves skin impossibly soft.

With such a stellar lineup, it's no wonder Unilever's skincare brands are household names. From head to toe, Ponds, Fair & Lovely and Dove have you covered with products that pamper and protect your skin. When it comes to skincare, Unilever reigns supreme.

Laundry Made Easy with Surf Excel

Don't you just love it when laundry day feels effortless? With Surf Excel, India's number one detergent brand, you can achieve bright, fresh-smelling clothes with minimal hassle.

Stain Removal Superpowers

Surf Excel's advanced formula is designed to tackle even the toughest stains. From curry and oil stains to red wine spills, Surf Excel lifts stains from fabrics in one wash. Its stain guard technology creates a protective layer around fibers to prevent stains from setting in. For persistent stains, make a paste from the powder and apply directly before washing as usual. Your clothes will come out looking like new.

Fragrance That Lasts

There's nothing quite like the fresh, clean scent of Surf Excel. Its long-lasting fragrances infuse your clothes with the refreshing aroma of lemon, floral, or spring fresh linen. The fragrances are specially formulated to endure multiple washes without fading so you can enjoy the scents for weeks to come.

Gentle Yet Powerful

While Surf Excel is tough on stains, it's gentle on clothes. Its mild formula is free from bleaches and brighteners, keeping dark clothes dark and preventing fading. It's also safe for machine-washable woolens and delicates. Surf Excel cares for your clothes so they last longer.

For effortless laundry days and stain-free, sweet-smelling clothes, Surf Excel is a must-have product. Keep your detergent on hand and kiss laundry woes goodbye. Your clothes—and nose—will thank you.

So, there you have it, a roundup of Unilever's best beauty buys for 2024. With so many great products to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options. But whether you're looking for the perfect shampoo like Sunsilk Blackshine shampoo and conditioner duo, a smoothing hair mask, a brightening cleanser, or a moisturizer that revives your glow, Unilever has you covered.

Their innovative formulas using ingredients like keratin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, hydra glow, and more aim to keep you looking and feeling your best. Whip your hair into submission with TRESemmé, revive your glow with Pond's, or get a deep cleanse with Lifebuoy - the choice is yours.

With these Unilever favorites, you can round out your beauty routine and make self-care a priority in 2024.