5 Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair.

Have you ever wondered, if the hair care routine you are following to give shine and volume to your hair, might be silently damaging your hair?

Indeed, hairstyles complete your overall look, but the products and procedures that you adopt to get a hairdo or to enhance the volume of hair can actually be harmful.

That’s why it is recommended to use chemical-free and best hair products such as you can buy Garnier hair products, and L’Oréal Professionnel products that are specially designed for every type of hair and are safe to use.

Keep reading this blog to know about the habits that are bad for your hair.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy?

Frizz-free, healthy, and bouncy are hair goals that are on everyone’s wish list, must be your dream too!

Hair is everything or you can say that it’s the difference between a good day and a bad day!

The first and most important step in having healthy, silky hair is to eat a protein- and iron-rich diet.

Indeed, your hair is impacted by what you eat, and iron is a necessary nutrient for good hair, so include vegetables, beans, soya beans, seafood, chickpeas, or grains.

While protein helps to strengthen your hair, include as much yogurt, cheese, milk, lentils, or soy in your diet as feasible.

Let’s get into the bad hair habits:

  1. Bad Hair-Washing Routine
  2. Applying Shampoo Incorrectly
  3. Tying You Hair in a Tight Hairdo
  4. Wrapping Wet Hair in Towel
  5. Excessive Heat Styling
    1. Bad Hair-Washing Routine

    There are so many hair-washing blunders that virtually everyone has done at some point, but they are all readily correctable. Continue reading to learn about the primary mistakes you’re most likely doing in your hair-washing routine.

    • Frequently Washing Your Hair

    How often you should wash your hair in a week is determined by the texture and type of your hair. Washing your hair every day can drain its natural oils, leaving it dry and drab.

    However, since everyone has unique hair, this rule may apply differently to different people. For instance, one has thin, greasy hair she must rinse hers every day. But this does not apply to you if your hair are dry, otherwise you will lose your natural oil and make your hair duller.

    • Not Washing So Often

    On the other hand, long periods of not washing your hair can result in the collection of debris, dust, dead skin cells, and oil on your scalp, clogging the hair follicles. Moreover, it ends up resulting in hair loss and poor hair growth.

    It is recommended to wash your hair every 2-3 days with a suitable shampoo according to your hair type.

    For example, you can buy Garnier products online in Pakistan. They offer you a wide range of the best hair products for every hair type.

    2. Applying Shampoo Incorrectly

    When applying shampoo to your hair and scalp, always use the tip of your fingers. Apply shampoo gradually to the scalp with light hands, and the filth and dust are removed. Because many people over-rub their hair during shampooing and as a result, their hair breaks and becomes fragile for no apparent cause.

    In addition, if you have long hair, you should always wash it when it is hanging down. So that it does not become overly complex

    Nevertheless, shampoos are designed to remove debris and excess oil from your scalp, so make sure you’re only washing your hair when they need washing. Otherwise, when you put shampoo on your hair, it removes the protective oil layer, leaving it sensitive to damage.

    Garnier has a wide range of Garnier hair products that give visible results and help to prevent damage to your hair. buy Garnier products in Pakistan online and pamper your hair because they deserve the best too!

    3.  Tying Your Hair in a Tight Hairdo

    You should also use caution when tying up your hair, especially if it is still damp. Hair is generally thinner and more fragile when wet. This is due to a momentary change in one of our hair’s chemical connections. This makes the hair more elastic and more vulnerable to breaking.

    Moreover, ponytails are simple, comfy, and fashionable.  on the other hand, pulling your hair back too firmly puts too much strain on your scalp and may eventually result in hair loss around your hairline and forehead. however,

    Ponytails should not be avoided entirely in fact besides this you can just change your hairstyle from time to time – for instance, you can braid your hair, or wear it free.

    Another crucial concern is that your hair tie not be too tight. So, try to use fewer silk scrunchies and metallic hooks – indeed, more flexible hair ties are better.

    4. Wrapping Wet Hair in Towel

    Wrapping the hair in a towel is one of the worst hair care practices that we’ve all done at some point. Why? Because not everyone is aware that using this method soon after shampooing hair is damaging.

    Creating a turban with a towel introduces us to the risk of harming wet hair because of rubbing against the fabric’s firm and rough fibers. Furthermore, a towel does not let the scalp ‘breathe,’ which can affect its quality, leaving it dry or frizzy, leading to breakage or fall with time.

    5. Excessive Heat Styling

    Frequent use of hot tools in the process of hair styling is the most common cause of hair damage. Split ends, breakage, and dryness are all caused by heat. That is why hair experts advocate limiting the usage of hot tools to two times per week and not turning them to a high temperature. 

    Using a hair straightener on damp hair actually causes it to boil with steam, making it prone to breaking, especially if done on a daily basis. Moreover, make sure your hair is completely dry before styling, or use a heat protectant if it’s a bit moist. however, 

    If you must use hot equipment frequently, make sure to compensate with a damaged hair treatment, such as a hair mask or hair oils.

    In addition, to make your hair healthier and shiner use shampoo and conditioner by Garnier hair products or you may use dove hair shampoo or hair care products by loreal professional.

    Unlike your skin, your hair is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. This, along with a bad diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, and the use of inappropriate hair care practices/products, can significantly damage the structural stability of your hair over time, making it fragile and prone to breaking or shedding.

    Hair loss and even bald patches are caused by this type of damage, which can be difficult to treat. To avoid such issues later, it is best to address hair thinning as soon as feasible.