How to Identify Original Makeup Products from the Fake Ones?

How to Identify Original Makeup Products from the Fake Ones?

As an online seller of makeup products, we, as well as many other firms, deal with the severe issue of impostor cosmetics being sold under well-known brand names by dishonest people looking to profit illegally.

The question of whether you can spot a fake product and, if so, how to do that must be on your mind as a client when you buy makeup online.

Five Ways to Identify Original Makeup Products from The Fake Ones

Designer branded cosmetic items are frequently imitated; it’s no secret.

From lipsticks to foundations to eyeshadows, and much more! It’s not difficult to buy makeup online that is counterfeit.

Unfortunately for the unwary purchaser, the fakes are eerily identical to the genuine article. That may be fantastic for the vendor, but it’s not good for those who just don’t want to keep falling for con artists.

Best-case scenario; The outcomes won’t be the same; worst-case scenario; harm your health!

Checking for a Fishy Odor and Consistency in the Product

Request a tester and test the product before you buy makeup online or in-store.

You can determine whether a product is phoney or old by its appearance and scent. For instance, the oil may have separated, or there may be a rotten odour. The product’s consistency might differ.

Check whether a product, such as mascara or lipstick, is dry and crumbling or if the colours of your lipstick match.

Inaccurate Information on Ingredients

The components of genuine items are always listed on them. You should instantly be alert to the possibility that this product is fake if you discover that this information is incorrect or absent.

Poor Quality of Packaging

Making notice of the package will help you identify bogus cosmetics as well. Products from a reputable firm will be well wrapped, and they could even be included in a carton-style packaging.

In order to differentiate a real product from a counterfeit one, most businesses now employ holograms, so look for one if there is one.

Similar jars and replicas of authentic labels are used by manufacturers of counterfeit cosmetics. For the buyer to detect the alterations, they must be too slight. On the other hand, one should go to the business’ website and record the original packing.

Next, look for any variations in writing style, color, jar shape, or any other aspect of the text.

You’ll also note that font consistency is something that designer businesses consistently maintain. This is due to the fact that they own patented typefaces that are inaccessible to other businesses.

As a result, a genuine product will always have a distinct typeface than a copy.
The Product Is Less Expensive

When you buy makeup online that seems phony, you can discover that the prices listed are far lower than the actual cost, and if you haggle, you might even be able to get the price even lower.

The fact that individuals do not consider how goods may be sold at such low prices is shocking. Online sales of well-known brand names’ items at steep discounts should also be avoided.

On e-commerce platforms with third-party vendors, this primarily occurs.

Therefore, the pudding is the proof! If you were bold enough to test a bogus product, you could notice the difference.

The hues will have less pigmentation than anticipated and greater flakiness, chalkiness, and dryness. Your makeup won’t stay as long, and, of course, wearing a fake increases your chances of developing skin rashes, eye infections, etc.

An original product’s shade names will always match those seen on its official website.

Date of Manufacturing Information Missing Details

If you think when you buy makeup online could be fake, you should also verify the product’s production information. Make sure to look at the bar code, serial number, and production and expiration dates. Possibly absent is the batch number.

A counterfeit or bogus product that you buy from makeup sites online can be missing one of these.

The first two or three digits of the bar code could not correspond to the product’s nation of origin, which can be found on the box or the actual goods if it is a counterfeit.

Above all, double-check that the serial number of the item matches the one on the box before you buy makeup in Pakistan.

An item’s country of production may be determined from the first three digits of the barcode.

The barcode’s initial few digits should match the product’s or packaging’s specified country of origin if it is genuine.

Products that are fake have barcodes that don’t correspond to the nation listed on their box.

You may always double-check the information on the product’s official website if the barcodes on counterfeit match the country stated.

In order to ensure that they are purchasing authentic goods, customers should only purchase goods from licensed Distributors and Retail Outlets. Instead of purchasing the goods from third-party vendors, online buyers should acquire them from the company’s own website.

All risks associated when you buy makeup in Pakistan from unregistered vendors are wholly your responsibility.