5 Tips to Help You Apply Mascara Like a Pro

5 Tips to Help You Apply Mascara Like a Pro

Doing makeup is never easy, especially if you are pressed for time. Let’s face it: most women don’t have the whole day to do their makeup and it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve the same results as a makeup artist, even if you have the time.

However, you can master certain aspects of your makeup routine for a better look.

This guide will help you with one of the key aspects of makeup: applying mascara.

Have you ever damaged your whole look because you couldn’t apply mascara properly? Most people have made this mistake!

Even if you have the best mascara in Pakistan, it’s no use if you can’t apply it properly.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled some of the professional tips that will help you improve your mascara application.

How to Choose the Right Mascara?

If you want to get the perfect look, you’ll need to have the right type of mascara. Most women will have their “favorite” color mascara and a few other shades to match a certain look. The best mascara brands in Pakistan may offer their products in different shades; so, you can match your desired look.

Regardless of which mascara brand you use, always make sure it is of the highest quality standards. Make sure that the brand’s products are approved by dermatologists and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Also, when buying the best mascara in Pakistan, make sure that you buy from a reliable supplier. Choose the best online makeup stores that only sell genuine products, so you can be sure to get what you are paying for.

How to Apply Mascara the Right Way?

Applying mascara may look difficult, but it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. However, if you struggle to get it right every time, then consider these professional tips to improve your technique:


  1. Make Sure Your Lashes are Clean

While this may seem like a minor detail, it makes a world of difference on your final look. If applying mascara is part of your makeup routine, then your lashes may have makeup residue on the surface. This may cause the mascara to be applied unevenly, resulting in a weird look.

When applying the best mascara in Pakistan, make sure the base is clean to prevent crumbling.

  1. Curl Your Lashes

The second step in applying mascara is to curl your lashes. Curling your eyelashes can help enhance the mascara application and make it more prominent.

It also helps you apply the mascara more easily. Many tools can help you curl your lashes, although you can always use your fingers if you are in a hurry. The best mascara in Pakistan may come with curlers, or you can purchase it separately if you want a specific brand.


  1. Apply to the Top and Bottom Lashes

If you want to achieve a professional look, you’ll need to apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Many people make the mistake of only applying mascara to the top lashes, which creates an imbalance.

When applying the mascara to the bottom lash, take care not to smudge your lashes as you would have to start all over again. You can always get the best non-smudge mascara in Pakistan to avoid damaging your look.


  1. Remove Clumps with a Spoolie Brush

When applying mascara, it’s likely that you won’t get it right every time. In many cases, you may notice clumps after applying the mascara. This is often caused by overapplying with the mascara or using a damaged brush.

Fortunately, it’s not a major problem and can be undone. Simply take a clean spoolie brush and use it to remove the clumps from the mascara. Brush the lashes smoothly in a single motion and it should even out the application.

  1. Use Angles to Create Different Looks

Have you ever wondered how professional makeup artists know how to create different looks with the same brush? Do they use a special mascara tool for thicker or thinner applications?

The answer is… not really.

While some makeup artists may have special brushes for different mascara styles, true professionals can create different styles with a regular mascara brush! The good news is that you can learn how to do it too.

Experiment with different angles and see how it affects your look. For example, holding the brush at an angle may result in a thicker or thinner application depending on the brush. If you want a more natural finish, then hold the wand vertically.

The best mascara in Pakistan will come with an adaptable wand that can be used in different applications. Always choose high-quality makeup, skincare products, and other beauty products to achieve the perfect style for your next party or event.