4 Blush Application Tips That Will Change Your Life!

You must have been through bad makeup days, when your eyeliner smudges at work or your lipstick decides to fade off. Which at the end leaves you with a tired face that ruins your entire day! 

Don’t worry, because if you’ve got a perfect blusher from the original makeup product seller in Pakistan, then you can fix your makeup right away!

So, let’s talk about some awesome blush on hacks that would change your life!  


Top 4 Life-Changing Blush Application Tips 

Blush on is a multiuse makeup product that can do a lot more than just adding color your cheeks. Here are some unusual ways of using a blush on: 

  1. Glam Up Your Eyelids

What if you lost your eye shadow kit just a few minutes before your birthday party? Should you rush into the market and waste your time buying a new one? 

Of course, not! 

There is no need to step out as long as you have a blush on in your makeup pouch. 

Simply, use an eyeshadow brush (or your fingertips) and apply the blush on your eyelids. Don’t forget to blend it to have that perfect makeup look! 

Here’re some tips on how to apply it seamlessly on your eyelids: 

  • Make sure you use the right brush, i.e., small but a large-fiber brush
  • Put more pressure on your brush while blending towards the outer edge of your eyes 
  • Use a small amount of pressure when blending above your crease 

That’s it! Now, you’re ready to rock the event!

  1. Create a New Nail Color

You might be thinking: how would a blush work as a nail paint? It won’t even stay for a single second if applied directly, right?

Yes, it won’t, but with a simple DIY hack you can convert your blush into an iconic nail color! 

Let’s see, how…

The steps are pretty simple, just take a small amount of blush and crush it into powder form. You can use a spoon or your fingers for mashing this purpose. Once done, mix it with clear nail paint that you use as a topcoat.

That’s all, your DIY nail color is ready to flaunt!

However, for this tip, we’d recommend you to use a broken palette or an old kit with a very small amount of product in it. Furthermore, make sure you mix the blush on powder in clear or light-colored nail paint.

Let’s see what’s next… 

  1. Apply the Blusher on Your Lips

We’ve heard about lip and cheek tints, but have you ever used powder blush as your go-to lip color

You can either create a colored lip gloss and store it for many days by simply adding a few drops of loose powder into the balm.

Or, use this original makeup product as an instant-lip brightener by following these easy steps: 

  1. First, cover your lips with a lip balm 
  2. After that, apply the blush with your finger/brush 
  3. Finish the process, by topping it with a perfect lip gloss.

For the fashionistas who love to be creative, this tip can make their day absolutely perfect! 

One thing you should never compromise is the quality of cosmetics, always buy the best original makeup products in Pakistan. Else, you won’t be able to enjoy the desired results!  

  1. Use It Before Applying Foundation

Remember, this original makeup product is meant to give you a naturally blushed look. But, in some cases when tapped on top of the face foundation, it looks fake.  

Which is what you’re probably trying to avoid! 

So, the best solution is to use it before covering your face with foundation. 

Cream blushes can work wonders for this purpose. This tip would highlight your cheekbones under the base, so that you’d end up with a more realistic blushed face look.  

Along with all this, make sure you avoid the mistakes listed below: 

  • Don’t over-apply the product, plus, avoid putting a lot of pressure on the brush 
  • Never use a blusher that doesn’t suit your skin type 
  • Avoid using small brushes, i.e., eyeshadow blender, lip liner brush, etc. 
  • Never use any cream after applying the blush on 


We’re so much into using blusher as a traditional makeup product for cheeks that we don’t realize how amazing it can work for other purposes. 

The best part is that it is super-affordable which can be easily bought from any nearby storefront or an online shop selling genuine and original makeup products in Pakistan

So, next time you stand in front of your mirror for a complete makeover, make sure to keep all the tips and hacks discussed above. If you really want to elevate your makeup game!