10 Top Makeup Brands You Can Easily Find Online in Pakistan

Finding authentic products of the top best international makeup brands in Pakistan can be hard.

Many Pakistani fashionistas are forced to order makeup products from a few specific brands only, because they fear ending up with fake products that are being commonly sold in the market as well as online.

But, if you really want to buy the best makeup online in Pakistan, we’ve got a list of the top brands that’re easily available here!

Best Affordable Makeup Brands You Can Buy Online in Pakistan

Finding branded and original makeup products of the highest quality at affordable prices is a struggle that all women in Pakistan have to go through.

Whether it be a supermarket or a makeup sale online, we’re always afraid of being scammed when buying makeup products, because there are so many fake copies being sold at high prices out there.

Here is a list of best makeup brands that you can easily find online in Pakistan:

1. Sephora

The popular beauty brand we’ve all heard of but have never found in any Pakistani store – or have found the fake versions only – Sephora is every girl’s dream makeup brand.

As all makeup enthusiasts say, when shopping for makeup, there’s no place better to go than Sephora. But since the makeup shop has no outlet in Pakistan, you can resort to buying original makeup products online.

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics

The major international makeup brand that comes in mind when you think of two things in particular:

  • Affordability
  • High-quality

With a name that stands for “Eyes. Lips. Face”, e.l.f. cosmetics offers a wide range of makeup products, including high-quality eyeliners, lip creams, and foundations that are formulated for oily, dry, and combination skin types.

The best part about buying makeup online in Pakistan that is by e.l.f cosmetics is that you can find a lot of great yet budget-friendly products.

3. NYX

Another of the fastest-growing international makeup brands, NYX has a whole range of trendy, classic, and seasonal makeup products. The brand is famous for its wide range of lip shades that are highly pigmented and give off a velvety matte finish that’s perfect for everyday wear.

This is also one of the best makeup brands that are affordable for people in Pakistan. You can easily find original NYX products online in Pakistan, or even in the beauty section of supermarkets.

4. Loreal Paris

Who doesn’t know this name? Everyone! But it’s another makeup brand with fake copies available in the Pakistani market.

From Loreal lip colors, lip glosses, and lipsticks, to its foundations and mascaras, the brand has it all!

You can also find hair care products in Pakistan by Loreal, such as hair masks, conditioners, serums, heat protection sprays, and more.

5. Wet n Wild

If you’re looking for a makeup sale online where you can avail huge discounts and deals, you are definitely going to find this particular cosmetic brand there.

Wet n Wild is a favorite among budget-conscious makeup lovers in Pakistan. You can get beautiful shades of blush-on powders, concealers, makeup brushes, eyeshadow pallets, and so much more at amazingly low rates!

6. Makeup Revolution

A friend to most in Pakistan, this brand offers a wide range of cosmetic products that makeup lovers sought after. You can find this one at discounted rates too in Pakistan. Just manage to find the best makeup store online and you’re good to go!

7. Urban Decay

Dazzling and bold are the two words that describe fashionistas who use Urban Decay. This cosmetic brand, like many others, has a massive number of fans and followers in Pakistan. Even if you try, you can’t ignore the beautiful and popular shades of the NAKED pallets by Urban Decay. These eyeshadow pallets are definitely a must-have!

8. Benefit Cosmetics

The one with the popular lip and cheek tint!

Who isn’t dying after this?

While it can be expensive for some, the dazzling ‘benetint’ can be your go-to product for routine makeup. It adds a great natural color to your cheeks and lips that can become your ‘look’.

9. The Body Shop

While the brand is commonly associated with skin care products, its foundation, as well as the lip and cheek tints are loved by many fans who swear by the magic of these products.

Although the brand doesn’t offer discounts often, but if you find a good makeup store you may be able to avail some great deals!

10. Maybelline

We’ve saved the best one for the last! The one makeup brand that actually has it all!

From ‘Fit Me’ foundation to long-lasting lip colors and a range of popular mascaras, every fashionista has at least one Maybelline product in their vanity bags at all times!

So, where do you get the best makeup online in Pakistan from?