How to Remove Stubborn Makeup Naturally?

You love wearing makeup, right?

But it can be a hassle to remove ST London products, or any other makeup products in Pakistan, from your skin.

You’d have to use chemical-filled cleansers and artificial products for this purpose, which would damage your skin irreparably.

Don’t want that?

We’ve got some amazing tips on how to remove your makeup naturally, keep reading!

Why Remove Your Makeup with Natural Products?

While applying makeup is an art, perfected by continuous practice, the removing process holds similar importance.

After using ST London foundation in Pakistan on your skin, or applying your favorite blush-on, you’d surely receive tons of compliments. But, although harmless if applied correctly, makeup products can harm your skin if not removed properly.

Using harsh chemical products for removing makeup can lead to various issues, such as acne, scars, wrinkles, blocked pores, and ageing skin.

Here’s how you can remove your makeup naturally:


  1. Use Coconut Oil as Makeup Remover

You might have heard that coconut oil is not an excellent choice to remove makeup, but we’re happy to disclose, that it’s just a myth. Dermatologists have found that using coconut oil is actually healthy for your skin. Its antibacterial properties save your skin from any potential harm.

Coconut oil has proven to be a good makeup remover owing to its natural cleansing ability. It can be used just like a regular oil cleanser. If you have sensitive skin and you are unsure about which cleanser to use, luckily, coconut oil has got your back.

After using ST London products, the use of Coconut oil can come in handy. The makeup will be removed safely, while the skin will also get the benefits stored by nature. After removing the makeup, a splash of warm water will clean your delicate skin.

  1. Remove it Using Milk

You might remember milk from your childhood or your breakfast cereal. But this natural liquid is more valuable than just that. You possibly will be thinking about what breakfast has to do with removing stubborn makeup; yes, it feels odd initially, but if one thinks natural substances are much more valuable than expected.

Using milk to remove your makeup is a pretty healthy solution for keeping the skin healthy. The light and creamy texture make it gentle on your skin. Milk produces no harmful impact as it comes in contact with skin. Its use is safe from any side effects that might be harmful to the skin. This natural product easily removes the stubborn foundation from your skin.

When using milk for this purpose, whole milk is better than any other type of milk. The oil in it works great for removing containing pigments of makeup.

  1. Try Cucumber Juice for a Soothing Effect

Have you heard that the cleansers you buy in the store usually have cucumber juice as an ingredient? So, would you go for the industrially altered product or use the real thing that is doing the work? When it comes to keeping your skin healthy, using a natural product would be much better for the safety of your skin.

Cucumber does wonders when it is used along with any natural oil, such as olive oil, when you have to remove the ST London foundation after a long day, this combination can be an elite treatment for your skin. Doing this will soothe your skin considering its anti-inflammatory qualities.

  1. Use Baking Soda and Honey

Baking soda and honey in food make a good combination, their role on the skin is quite similar. This culinary mixture also provides you with clean skin. This blend between the sugary viscous liquid and salt exfoliates your skin, cleaning the makeup debris, that can clog tiny pores on the face.

One feels so disgusted by the idea of getting the pores clogged, if you do the same way about it, then take my advice and use this natural mixture to clean your face after you are done wearing makeup. The chemical products also do the work, but do you think you can put your fine skin at risk? Probably not.

  1. Try Getting Some Steam

Water can do wonders, if we take its gaseous and solid state into account, it’s all around us. We owe our lives to it. As you boil some water, it turns into a gas, usually called steam. It can penetrate places other things cannot.

The gentle rising steam puts the makeup removing process on steroids. Steam can perform its action as you hover your face above a sink or a bowl full of hot water. The steam will open your pores, loosen any dust on the face and dampen the makeup. Using any natural cleanser along with this process will give your face a healthier, fresher cleansing.

You can add any aromatic essential oil into the water for a better experience. You can thank us later for that.

Taking responsibility for protecting our skin is easy, if only we take the necessary measures, one step at a time. Natural substances allow us to protect our skin from stubborn makeup, without having any side effects.