Unique Eid Gift Ideas for Women in Pakistan

eid gifts and discounts

Eid is just around the corner, and this is the right time to start planning and choosing gifts for the beautiful ladies in your lives.

Perhaps the greatest pleasure of this period is gift-giving and gift-receiving, no matter what is gifted. Apart from its collection, Reana has unique products such as Khaadi shopping vouchers Rs. 2k, gifts on every product it sells, and free delivery from the most popular brands. They also have an Eid sale in which one can get Bary discounts on Bari Eid upto 50% off on most products!

If you want something more personal, you can think of make-up products like beauty and skincare products or matching accessories if you know her sense of fashion. Presenting a beautiful gift expressed thoughtfulness and care.

Some More About Eid and the Importance of Gifts

Eid is a Muslim festive season that is eagerly awaited by Muslims all over the globe. Like in other Islamic countries, Eid is keenly observed in Pakistan, and gifts are part of the celebrations. It has received traditional gifts such as shirts, dresses, accessories, cosmetics, beauty products, and modern gifts.

Eid is a time with many aspects, such as a family reunion and a feast, usually followed by an exchange of gifts. Videos, chocolate, orchids, etc., while traditional suiting gifts are still available at the market, it is getting more common to find giveaways designed based on a woman’s multiple personalities. It may be the time to cook something unique and give it as a gift on Eid, or let it be a simple nice gift since they are always welcome and make long-lasting memories.


A mother likes receiving a genuine Khaadi shopping voucher of Rs. 2,000 and then selecting an outfit she likes. Some other brands that come are Khaadi, Maria B, and Sana Safinaz, which also give 50% off on their collections during Eid.


Items such as gemstone rings, bracelets, or even a Chanel handbag are timeless gifts. Brands always promote free home delivery and gifts with purchases during Eid so that you can give an accessory along with products like makeup kits or perfume.

Beauty and Skincare

In the hot summer and to beauty-sensitive ladies, any set of skincare or makeup products is well appreciated. Leading brands, such as Reana, offer women's cosmetic brands and stock Eid gift packs at cheaper prices, together with free samples for home delivery. You can choose a few minis, such as an eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and nail polishes, as they are also great gift items.

There are plenty of options for her to get Eid shopping vouchers for her favorite brands like Khaadi, Bareeze, and others at just Rs. 2000, and there is an Eid outfit that she absolutely adores.

Eid Gift Ideas That are Modern and Trendy

Eid is a time for celebration with friends and family; therefore, why not give her something that she could read and love about her favorite dress? If she’s a fashion maven, then you could buy her a gift certificate from her favorite clothing outlet, such as Khaadi, so she can buy her favorite dress. Instead, Khaadi proposes buying vouchers for Rs 2,000 that she can use to look for new prints and other modern styles.

For beauty and glamour enthusiasts, a body set from her favorite cosmetic house is the best bet. A lot of brands such as Mac, Bobbi Brown, and Estee Lauder do come up with Eid gift sets containing several products that come at relatively cheaper prices than when bought individually. As for the color and aroma, she can try all the variants, and it will become her fun activity.

If she is very much into desserts, he can always buy her gourmet chocolates that will definitely be appreciated, or even a tray of baklavas. Most gourmet food companies provide Eid-themed packaging, and they have started their promotions for Eid and free delivery on top brands. She will appreciate a gift basket containing chocolates, nuts, baklava, and other tasty snacks, which are all types of food.

For a keepsake, choose a piece of jewelry surrounded by gemstones that she loves or a stylish, boldly painted scarf or pashmina. Since there are so many wonderful, trendy gifts on the market, it’s sure to bring a sunny smile to her Eid!

More Offers on Gifts for Eid – Upto 50% Off + Free Shipping

This is among the most extraordinary ways through which people make the celebration of Eid even more special by giving gifts to their near and dear ones. To be precise, this Eid, the consumer can avail of the best options to buy versatile and fashionable gift items for the extraordinary ladies in their lives.

Khaadi Shopping Voucher

If you are fashion-conscious or want to gift an address to a woman’s health shopping voucher, the Khaadi store is ideal for any lady. Khaadi clothes can be described as one of the most recognizable clothing brands in Pakistan. They offer traditional clothing with extended fashionable lines. For Rs 2,000, she can buy herself this pretty new kurta or splendid scarf that she has been eyeing for a long time. For Eid, the sale discount vouchers are available at Khaadi at a discount of as much as fifty percent.

Win a free gift with every order

The leading fashion clothing brands like Khaadi, Sapphire, and Gul Ahmed are providing free gifts like Shawls, Handbags, Jewelry items, or any other product if the total value of the order has crossed Rs. 3000 or 4000(depending on the brand strategy).

This is how every person gets the primary item they have chosen, plus a free gift with every order. And that means even at brands, you only have to spend half of the usual price on products during the Eid discounts.

Beauty Gift Sets

Beauty is something that every woman wants; thus, for the woman who loves to spoil herself with beauty products, the beauty gift set is perfect. Most of the bulk anti-aging skincare and cosmetics brands have final/reduced Eid gift sets that come with a number of products, such as lotions, perfumes, and makeup, among others, that are sold as a package.

This way, you will be able to spoil her with several new products in one gift while at the same time impressing your wallet. In fact, certain brands even take the trouble to gift-wrap the elegant boxes in case you’d like to make your gift even more special.

This Eid, do not offer what everybody else is offering; give the gift that is truly the best, a gift that defines her. Analyze what she likes and concentrate on that to make it personal to her; she will remember it. Consider using gifts from the belt of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, or even gourmet treatise, and SPA-session on an excellent gift.

Finally, for all shopping needs with particular emphasis on Eid sale and at throw price, you could check out Reana’s store. This includes free delivery and a gift on each order, so enjoy Bari Eid Bary discounts upto 50%! These offers will enable you to choose an individual gift and save money.

Eid Mubarak!