Nailing The Perfect Red Lip Makeup Look: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Nail the Perfect Red Lip Makeup Look?

Red lips are an all-time favorite when it comes to makeup looks. They can instantly lift up your facial features and add much-needed color to your face.

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In this post, you’ll discover how to achieve the ideal red lip look!

How to Get a Red Lip That Will Stay Put?

The red lip look is a classic, but it’s also one of the trickiest to perfect. Not only is it difficult to select the ideal shade the first time, but red is also notorious for smearing and fading during the course of the day.

Therefore, if you find it difficult to keep your lipstick last all day use these steps to ensure the perfect red lip look:

  1. Prep the Lip
  2. Utilize Concealer as a Base
  3. Line Your Lips & Color Them
  4. Put a Light Coat of Lipstick on
  5. Blot, Apply, and Blot

1. Prep the Lip

To ensure that the color lasts and that your lips don’t appear dry and cracked, you must prepare your lips using a lip scrub, lip plumping mask, and lip primer. You may easily find Garnier products online that can help you achieve smooth and soft lips.

In order to remove dead skin cells and to give your lips a smooth, plump appearance before using any lip cosmetics, use a lip scrub.

2. Utilize Concealer as a Base

Applying a thin coating of concealer to the lips, and blending it in can help your lip color stay vivid all day. This will make a base that is even, reduce the visibility of lip wrinkles, and stop lipstick from feathering.

3. Line Your Lips & Color Them

Line your lips with a lip pencil that matches the color of your lipstick before applying it.

Your lips will be shaped precisely. Lip liners are often more difficult to remove than lipsticks, so they will act as a base to keep your lipstick in place for longer.

Don’t be afraid to thoroughly color your lips with the lip liner and apply lipstick over them.

4. Apply a Light Coat of Lipstick on

Put on your crimson lipstick, at this point.

Do not apply a heavy coating of lip color, since doing so will simply make it more likely to rub off. Instead, use a small brush to apply a light layer of lipstick over your lips, blending the edges to get an equal color, and then repeat.

5. Blot, Apply, and Blot

Take a tissue and press it firmly against your lips after applying the initial coat of lipstick. In addition to making the lipstick seem less gloopy, this will help it stay in place for a longer period of time by removing the excess.

Apply a second, thin layer of lipstick after the initial blotting. As a result, the color will have more brightness. After that, take a clean tissue and press it onto your lips for the final step to ensure your lipstick lasts all day.  

Now that you’ve perfected this look, it’ll be sure to make people’s heads turn and it won’t seem out of place.

It will unquestionably make you look and feel spectacular on any occasion and is simple to accomplish with the appropriate products and techniques.

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