How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner Every Time? Tips from Experts

How to Apply Perfect Eyeliner Every Time? Tips from Experts

Got tired of watching YouTube tutorials on how to apply perfect eyeliner?

Well, if you are a makeup lover you must have seen many makeup tutorials and tried most of them. These videos are made by using most common brands products like Maybelline Pakistan, NYX products, Rivaj, sweet touch, L’Oréal, etc. but one thing we all need to understand is that whatever they show in those videos is not as easy as it looks!

However, the common person cannot create the looks they do in these videos since they are not only extraordinarily time-consuming, but also because the techniques are quite tricky!

Anyways, no need to worry now. Keep reading this blog to know how to apply perfect eyeliner in a few easy steps and also learn eyeliner tried and tested hacks with us!

How to Achieve the Perfect Eyeliner Look?

Eyeliner is a common go-to for most women when it comes to a makeup regimen, even if you’re not the kind who enjoys more creative makeup looks. Eyeliner may brighten your eyes by highlighting them when used properly.

As we all know that makeup may significantly improve your looks and give you the confidence you need to get through the day. It can give you the much-needed confidence boost you’ve been searching for and enable you to conduct yourself with elegance. A simple lipstick and a perfectly applied eyeliner can do magic to your face and change your appearance. For a good and long-lasting lipstick buy Maybelline lipstick online or you may buy NYX makeup products that suit you and your skin.

Of course, having easy-to-follow advice that even a person without cosmetic experience can use at home without the use of specific tools would make life simpler. You can use Maybelline Pakistan, L’Oréal, Nyx, and ELF products to get the perfect look.

For those of you who enjoy wearing makeup, there is some good news: there are some super easy and amazing eyeliner techniques that every woman must be aware of. The best part is that anyone can apply them, and you don’t need to use high-end makeup companies. You may buy Maybelline beauty products as they are super affordable and skin-friendly.

Here you go:

  1. If You’re a Beginner, Here’s How to Apply Eyeliner
  2. Try This Method if You’re an Expert         

1.If You’re a Beginner, Here’s How to Apply Eyeliner

The following method works particularly well on monoid, round, and almond eye shapes and is great for beginners or people with trembling hands.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. In front of a mirror, start by placing the elbow of the arm you’ll use to apply Maybelline Pakistan eyeliner on a flat surface.
  2. Again, this should be the pinky of your hand that you use to apply your eyeliner with. Hold the eyeliner like a pencil and plant it firmly on your cheek.
  3. Depending on whatever option gives you the finest view of your top lash line, either stare directly ahead or lean your head back slightly and look down at the mirror.
  4. Starting at the lash line, apply a few tiny dots or dashes while maintaining level eye contact.
  5. Continue the dots at a little slope towards the end of your eyebrow once you reach the end of your upper lash line, going as far as you wish. Connect these dots to form a tiny wing with quick, delicate strokes. However, there are no guidelines as to where your wing should end. You can make it as brief or as long as you like.
  6. Start your wing from the bottom eyelashes if you have a monolid eye shape or little eyelid space. Sweep in to meet your upper lash line after working from the outer border of your lower lash line up toward the end of your eyebrow. You can create a stunning artistic wing shape by filling in the space.
  7. Get the best Maybelline Pakistan mascara when buy Maybelline products in Pakistan, and do not forget to apply eyeshadow in a complementary shade to create the line that completes the appearance.

Have a look at the picture for a better understanding,

 2.   Try This Method if You’re an Expert

Even if you frequently use Maybelline Pakistan eyeliner, you may still find yourself having to cover some mistakes with concealer or makeup remover more frequently than you’d want. This method works well if you have almond or upturned eye shapes and have some prior experience using Maybelline Pakistan eyeliner. Here’s how you can apply eyeliner inside out:

  1. In front of a mirror, place the elbow of the arm you’ll be using to apply eyeliner on a level surface.
  2. Until you can clearly see your top lash line, either gaze straight ahead or lean your head back and look down at the mirror.
  3. Start at the middle of your eyelid. Draw a single line from the top of your lash line toward the outer corner of your eye, resting your finger on your face if necessary.
  4. After that, draw a second line from the middle of your lid outward at a slightly steeper angle than the first one so that when the two lines merge at the outside corner of your eye, they form an empty triangle.
  5. Long, smooth strokes from the outside corner of your eye toward the inside corner should be used to fill in the triangle. As you get closer to the inner corner of your eye, be sure the eyeliner tip stays as close to the lash line as you can.
  6. Line the bottom lash line with eyeliner for a more dramatic or graphic appearance, then sweep up at the outer corner to connect to the thickest section of the wing on the top lash line.
  7. Complete your look by applying a few coats of Maybelline Pakistan mascara, you can buy Maybelline beauty products eyeshadow and apply it in complementary colors to get the look.

Bonus tip: Makeup brushes are much easier to manipulate and use smoothly when held toward the end rather than close to the actual hairs. This advice will help you draw a straight line if your hands shake easily.