5 Tips on How to Stop Your Foundation from Oxidizing

There are a few things that all women absolutely hate, including tips on weight loss from strangers, period cramps, and oxidized foundation!

Are you tired of finding a foundation that won’t oxidize after a few hours and make your skin look dull and dark?

If yes, we’d tell you to try buying Maybelline foundation in Pakistan. It’s inexpensive, comes in an easy-to-use packaging, has the right shades for Asian women, and most importantly, it does not oxidize on oily skin!

Additionally, follow the tips shared in this blog for a fresh look throughout the day.

Why Does Your Foundation Oxidize?

Oily skin is the reason why!

When the ingredients in your foundation combine with the oils in your skin or react to the oxygen in the air, the color of foundation darkens. This makes your skin look dull after a few hours of getting ready.

Here’re some tips on how to stop your foundation from oxidizing:

  • Always Prep Your Skin Before Applying Foundation

Do you often miss the first and most important part of your makeup routine?

Yes, it’s all about the primer!

If you don’t prep your skin well with an oil-free moisturizer and a mattifying primer before applying your foundation, oxidization would happen.

That’s because your foundation would get in contact with the oils of your skin and its color would deepen.

Pick an oil-free primer and never skip it if you want a fresh and bright look all day long!

  • Keep Bloating Papers with You at All Times

Got oily skin?

Blotting papers must be in your handbag whenever going out.

As previously mentioned, foundation oxidizes when it comes in contact with the oils of your skin. Hence, blotting your face throughout the day to keep it oil-free would help.

Or, you can simply go for a mattifying foundation, such as the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Pakistan.

  • Go for Oil-Free Makeup Products

Talking about a mattifying foundation, it’s also wise to pick oil-free makeup and skincare products in general.

For example, if you start using a mattifying oil-free primer, an oil-free moisturizer, and a facewash that deep cleans your pores, your skin won’t get oily enough during the day for your foundation to oxidize.

Simply buy oil-free makeup products online in Pakistan and you’re good to go!

  • Buy a Lighter Shade of Foundation

Here’s an easy trick that won’t require you to find a non-oily makeup product or buy an expensive primer:

Choose a foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin.

In this way, when your foundation oxidizes, it won’t appear darker or dull, rather it would settle down and match with your skin tone perfectly!

Isn’t that clever?


  • Try Using a Tinted Moisturizer Instead

So, your foundation oxidizes … but what if you don’t apply it?

We’re not asking you to go out completely bare-faced (unless you want to). Just stop using heavy foundations and shift to a light, tinted moisturizer instead.

BB and CC creams are not as pigmented as foundations, hence there are very low chances of them getting oxidized on your skin.

Moreover, BB creams and CC creams are good for your skin in comparison to foundations. They include moisturizing agents that keep your skin hydrated as well as SPF that protects your skin against the harmful UV rays.

Lastly, if you want to keep your makeup fresh and flawless all day long, get a makeup setting spray that gives a mattifying finish and keeps your makeup in place.

For a vibrant and attractive look, don’t forget to use the best mascara such as the Maybelline mascara in Pakistan, or read top tips on how to choose the right mascara.