4 Types of Makeup Products That are Seriously Bad for Your Skin

Who doesn’t love to wear makeup?

Of course, no one!

But have you ever wondered whether the makeup products making you beautiful are safe for your skin or not?

Unless you’re using dermatologist-approved makeup products from international brands, such as L’Oreal Professional, L.A. Girl, Maybelline, or NYX products in Pakistan, there is a chance you’re damaging your skin every single day!

You have to be very careful while using these makeup products as they can be dangerous for your skin. Let’s make things easy for you.

In this blog, we will discuss the makeup products that can harm your skin. Have a look at it and keep your skin fresh and beautiful!

How Makeup Can Damage Your Skin?

Bad skin is like a nightmare to every woman. However, people often talk about having bad skin like acne rashes burned skin or dry patches. What causes it and how does it work?

Whatever you apply to your face is directly absorbed by the pores of your face.

The cosmetics you apply to your skin harm it and leave it dry or irritated, which causes the pores to clog. Your skin becomes irritated, red, and scratchy as a result. Your pores must be kept clean to avoid skin issues like acne, irritation, and itching.

Discover with us, which beauty product categories you must permanently eliminate from your routine to maintain the safety and health of your skin.

You’ll thank yourself later for getting rid of these products and switching to better substitutes.

Here’s the most awaited list:

  1. Do Not Use Heavy Foundation
  2. Waterproof Mascara isn’t Good Enough
  3. Avoid Alcohol-Based Makeup Products
  4. Use of Carbon Black in Makeup Products


  1. Do Not Use Heavy Foundation

It doesn’t matter how regularly you wash your face before bedtime. If you are using a heavy foundation every other day then there is nothing you can do to save your skin. Heavy liquid foundation is just like a layer on your skin and it blocks your pores hence it will make your skin unable to breath

So, avoid using heavy foundations, instead, you can use light-weighted foundations or simply wear a concealer to hide dark spots and blemishes

Such as, you may buy NYX products in Pakistan, Maybelline foundations, or makeup products from any other well-known international brand that won’t harm your skin.

Also, don’t forget to deep cleanse your face with a makeup remover and facial cleanser before going to bed.

  1. Waterproof Mascara isn’t Good enough

You would love to apply waterproof makeup and mascara, especially in the hot summer season but do you know what damage can be caused by waterproof mascara?
It weakens your natural eyelashes and can cause you an eyelid infection.

If you are using it daily, you should stop doing so as it can be seriously harmful because the waxes, silicon, and polymers used in mascara to make it waterproof are not good for your eyelash line. NYX Pakistan products have a great range of mascaras that would be gentle to your eyelashes and give a boost to your lashes.

  1. Avoid Alcohol-Based Makeup Products

You must know that Alcohol-based makeup products cause so much harm to your skin. As alcohol is the quickest way to make your skin dry in the worst way. You should keep your skin hydrated and to keep your skin fresh and hydrated try out the products which have moisturizing components such as glycerine, coconut oil, etc

However, there are kinds of alcohol. Some types of alcohol do not harm your skin while some are bad for your skin. It is always good to read the ingredients of the product prior.

If the description of the product you buy says “alcohol-free” it doesn’t mean that it is free of alcohol rather it means that it does not contain a bad type of alcohol and is safe to use. You can buy NYX products in Pakistan to keep your skin fresh and healthy as they are alcohol-free and skin-friendly.

  1. Use of Carbon Black in Makeup Products

Dark black powder known as carbon black is a pigment used in cosmetics like eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.

 Do you know that it causes an increase in the incidence of cancer and harmful effects on organs? As it is created by the incomplete combustion of carbon-based materials, such as coal tar. You can avoid using it by reading the label before buying cosmetics.

Makeup cosmetics are like a friend to every woman so choose them wisely and keep your skin healthy while wearing makeup!

Try to use products with natural ingredients rather than go for flavored or artificial colour cosmetics. Nyx Pakistan has a great range of skin-friendly makeup products. They can make you look beautiful without damaging your skin.

Tip: Do not forget to wash your face before bedtime. If you use makeup on daily basis then it’s recommended to do cleansing regularly.