10 Beauty Dos and Don’ts For a Better Beauty Routine

Are you tired of makeup that smudges or skincare products that take the shine off your skin?

If so, then it’s either you’re not using the right beauty products, or you’re applying them incorrectly. Using products that don’t go with your skin type will cause your skin to get damaged. The same applies to using products incorrectly.

Always get quality makeup products from reputable brands like L’oreal Paris online in Pakistan. This way, you’ll be 100% sure you’re getting products that are safe and dermatologist-approved.

So, what should you do, and what should you avoid in your beauty routine? Read on to find out!

Beauty Dos and Don’ts

Did you know that some common beauty practices may harm your skin? Let’s look at five beauty don’ts:

  • Don’t Apply Too Much Makeup

Do you spend too long on your daily makeup routine?

You could be applying too much makeup. With so many makeup products on the market, many people feel as though they have to use everything to complete their makeup routine. However, minimalist makeup is often much better than going all out and won’t leave you with a fake look!

It’s also lighter on your budget and will help you get a consistent makeup routine. Choose a few makeup products from reputable brands such as Loreal Paris or Maybelline and perfect a simple makeup routine. It’s better to reserve fancy makeup products for special occasions!

  • Don’t Over-Exfoliate

Exfoliating can help your skin breathe and remove dirt and toxins from your skin. It can also leave you with an instant glow and make you feel fresh and energized. Exfoliating should be a regular part of your skincare routine.

However, if you exfoliate too much, you could damage your skin. Most exfoliating agents contain active ingredients that aren’t suitable for sensitive skin. Using them repeatedly will cause your skin to become red and dry. So, while you should exfoliate, limit it to once or twice a week.

  • Don’t Sleep with Your Makeup on

Sleeping with makeup will deprive your skin of a much-needed break and may slow down skin growth. It will also make your skin drier and speed up the formation of lines and cracks. While you may feel too tired to go through your makeup removal routine on some days, the least you can do is wash off the makeup with a facial cleanser.

  • Don’t Over Apply Makeup Products

Do you use mascara and lash curlers? These products are great for special occasions but using them too often may damage your look. It’s always better to beautify your natural lashes rather than apply fake lashes. Similarly, avoid applying heat hair curlers too often as they can damage the hair strands over time.

While there’s no harm in using these products on special occasions, avoid using them regularly.

  • Don’t Bathe with Burning Hot Water

Do you love your hot steam baths? Research shows that there are many benefits of having hot baths. However, turning the temperature too high can damage your skin, especially if it’s sensitive.

Always bathe or shower in lukewarm water to refresh and hydrate your skin without damaging it.

Following the correct beauty routine is just as important as avoiding a harmful one.

Here are some beauty do’s to help improve your routine:

  • Do Use Original Beauty Products

In the age where brands are the center of beauty routines, everyone wants the best products for themselves. However, even if you buy the top beauty brands like Huda Beauty, Loreal Paris, or Garnier, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting original products.

Always make sure you purchase beauty products from a reliable cosmetics store. Whether you want to buy Huda Beauty products or Loreal Paris products online in Pakistan, make sure it’s 100% authentic.

  • Do Apply Hydrating Products

Your skin hydration is essential to getting the right shine and glow. However, hydrating your skin shouldn’t be limited to applying moisturizer. Always choose beauty products with hydrating bases to keep your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

  • Do Apply Sunscreen

There’s nothing that will cause more damage to your skin than the sun’s UV rays. It only takes one mistake of forgetting to apply sunscreen to damage your skin’s look for weeks. Severe sunburn can also lead to other skin problems, so make it a habit to apply sunscreen daily, even if you’re not going to spend a lot of time in the sun.

  • Do Wash Your Face with Warm Water

Washing your face with warm water can improve blood circulation and skin hydration, making your skin soft and glowing. Since your face is more exposed to pollutants, try to wash it at least 4-5 times a day.

  • Do Experiment

Many people become content with a few products or brands and are hesitant to experiment with new brands. Whether you prefer to buy Loreal Paris Products online in Pakistan or other beauty brands, it’s always best to try out new products if you aren’t satisfied.

If you’re unsure of whether a product is safe or not, do a patch test or consult your dermatologist before applying it.