4 Hair Strengthening Tips from Experts

Does your hair feel dry and brittle? Do you experience unexplained hair loss?

If so, you’re probably struggling with weak and brittle hair. There are multiple causes of weaker hair, but very few people get the right solutions without damaging their hair.

In this article, I’ll give you expert tips on how to strengthen your hair, what causes weak hair, and how to choose the best hair care brands like L’oreal Paris Excellence products.

So, let’s get started!

What Causes Weak Hair?

Weak hair can be caused by a range of factors, including using the wrong hair care products, exposing your hair to pollutants and dust, not washing regularly, and a diet deficiency. Before we look at how to strengthen your hair, let’s look at these causes in detail.

  • Using the Wrong Hair Care Products

Have you ever used a shampoo that claimed to give you smooth and silky hair but ended up making your hair drier? This doesn’t mean that the shampoo is bad; it’s just not designed for your hair type. The best hair brands like L’oreal Paris Excellence have a range of hair coloring products that won’t dry out your hair.

  • Pollutants and Sunlight Exposure

Just as your skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and pollutants, so does your hair. The sun can reduce hair moisture, causing your hair to dry out. Dust and other air pollutants can also damage hair, reducing color and causing it to get frizzy.

  • Not Washing Your Hair Regularly

Unfortunately, most people don’t take care of their hair properly, which often leads to hair drying out. Washing your hair with a conditioner can give it essential hydration. If you spend a lot of time at the gym or outdoors, you’ll need to wash your hair regularly.

  • Diet Deficiency

A lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet could also be the cause of your hair problems. Hair require essential vitamins and minerals to repair and strengthen them up to the roots. Many haircare products are enriched with vitamin serums designed to make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals in your hair.

So, if you’re struggling with dry or frail hair, it could be because of a poor diet and the wrong hair care routine.

How to Strengthen Weak Hair?

Now that you know what causes weak hair let’s look at professional ways to strengthen and revitalize your hair. These tips are recommended by the top hair care professionals and are guaranteed to strengthen your hair if you follow them consistently.

Here are 4 ways to get long-lasting, strong, and smooth hair:

  • Use Fortified Hair Care Products

Weak hair is often caused by a vitamin deficiency. If you have brittle hair, using products fortified with essential hair nutrients can help strengthen your hair. Vitamin B and C can help strengthen your hair and repair loose ends.

Always choose vitamin-enriched products such as Garnier or Loreal Paris Excellence products for your hair.

  • Get a Scalp Massage 

A scalp massage can help you relax, but did you know that it’s effective in improving the thickness and strength of your hair? Studies have shown that a short scalp massage can help improve your hair strength. While you can’t go to a massage specialist every day, you can get a special scalp massage device for home massages.

  • Use Natural Oils

There are many hair oil brands and mixtures available in the market, but none of these beat the effectiveness of natural hair oils. Olive oil is often the best hair oil so is coconut and almond oil. So, even if you’re using a hair oil mixture, make sure it has the best natural oils.

Hair oil will reduce dryness, improve hair texture and reduce tangling.

  • Use an Egg Yolk and Coconut Oil Mask

Egg yolk contains essential vitamins and protein that can help smoothen out and strengthen your hair. You can make a homemade hair mask with coconut oil and egg yolk by adding two tablespoons of oil to egg yolk and mixing thoroughly.

This treatment is backed by studies, so don’t shy away from it!

Always Authentic Hair Products

Fake chemical-based hair products can damage your hair in the long run. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to recognize these products. However, if you buy authentic hair products like L’oreal Paris Excellence products in Pakistan from a reliable cosmetics store, you will be sure to get 100% authentic products that won’t damage your hair.