Liquid vs Powder Foundation: Which One is Right for You?

Applying Foundation is the key to a flawless makeup look. You get this step wrong and your entire face makeup would turn into an utter mess! 

This is why every fashionista wants to buy the best face foundation in Pakistan

But …

How would you know which one is perfect for your skin type? Whether it’s the liquid one or the powder foundation? 

This blog can help you find out!  

So, let’s begin… 

What is Liquid Foundation? 

It’s a mixture of silicon and water which provides more coverage in comparison to the powder foundation. The best part is that most of these products are formulated with essential skincare ingredients, i.e., SPF, and more. This means you can get a perfect coverage without getting worried about your skin’s protection. Because liquid foundation’s amazing formula has got you covered! 

Apart from that, they are available in a variety of coverage levels, from lightweight to full coverage, and so on. Which means, you can easily pick a product depending upon your needs. 


What is Powder Foundation? 

As the name suggests, this type of face foundation comes in different powder forms, i.e., loose or pressed powder, which is prepared using a dry formula.

It is best for lightweight coverage. However, different powder foundations can also provide amazing full coverage. 

To be precise, the best face foundation of this type is applied to get a natural look without having you to use unbreathable heavy products. 

Should You Wear Liquid or Powder Foundation? 

To choose the best face foundation for your skin, you’ve got to consider several parameters. What is your skin type? How much coverage do you want? Do you want a matt or dewy finish? 

Down below are listed some factors that would help you make a decision.   

Here is the list: 

  1. Skin Type

Got oily and acne-prone skin or a dry one? 

If you still haven’t figured this out, then better do it right away. 

Because without understanding your skin type you won’t be able to pick up the right foundation.  

For this, we recommend you to grab a bolting paper and gently pat it on the different areas of your skin. After that, hold the sheet in front of the light and check how much oil is visible on it. If there is an excessive amount of oil on it, then most likely you’ve oily skin. And, if not, your skin is dry.

All done? 

Now, let’s see which best face foundation would work fine for you… 

For oily skin, loose powder can do wonders. Such a foundation has next-level absorbing powers which can easily soak up the excess oil. Which in the end leaves you with seamless and flawless coverage. 

Now, comes liquid foundation. Well, this type can be used for any skin type. However, you’ve got to choose the right product. 

For instance, for very dry skin, you can use “Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation”, enriched with all the important ingredients for hydration. But, for an oily skin type, you should pick an oil-free foundation, i.e., Wet N Wild Photo Focus Stick Foundation. 

  1. The Amount of Coverage You want 

Not only the skin type but the level of coverage you want should also be considered while choosing a foundation. 

For instance, if you’re getting ready for a wedding, then of course you would want to get a super-flawless skin with full coverage that can stay in a good condition all day long. Well, in such cases, liquid foundation can help you like nothing else! This is specially designed to hide every type of imperfection and create a seamless base to help your makeup stay for longer. 

However, for office-going girls and high school students, heavy coverage might not suit you. Because as the residents of Pakistan, fashionistas have to face extremely hot weather which as a result melts their makeup.

Light-weight loose powder foundation can easily stand against intense heat waves, unlike the liquid ones which are more vulnerable to high temperatures. This is the reason why this type is considered the best makeup foundation for students and working women in Pakistan. 


Choosing a foundation can make or break your makeup look. So, whenever you decide to buy cosmetics, always consider the points we’ve discussed above. Further, hit the genuine cosmetic seller to get the best and authentic face foundation in Pakistan. Because quality is just as important as finding the right product for your skin type!