6 Makeup Products to Must-Have When Travelling

6 Makeup Products to Must-Have When Travelling

Planning a trip soon?

If you’re thinking about going on a long trip and want your vacation pictures to come out great, then you really need to keep the right makeup essentials with you.

Whether you use Essence products, Maybelline, L’Oreal, or makeup from any other brand, you can’t take everything with you.

Read below to learn which makeup items should not be left behind when you go on a trip.

Some Basic Tips: How to Safely Pack Your Makeup for a Trip?

What could be worse than a broken heart? Cracked, damaged and broken makeup products!

We often don’t know how to pack our favourite essence beauty products, or any other makeup items when travelling, so the process can be a little stressful for us.

We all find it difficult to say goodbye to our favourite makeup items because it is so pricey. So, it makes sense that you should master these tricks rather than spend your vacation gathering tiny pieces of that beautiful eyeshadow pallet you bought last week.

Here are some tips:

  • At first, avoid carrying liquid makeup products. But if you’re carrying them then always use tape for liquid essence products such as lip gloss, eyeliner, etc so they do not leak.
  • Do place your makeup bag inside your clothes or in the centre of the suitcase. In this way, the makeup would be cushioned by your clothes and won’t break even when the airport staff is throwing around your suitcase.
  • Take small packings or put your makeup in small containers for travelling. You can save a lot of space by doing that.
  • Place cotton pads in between the pellets so they won’t touch each other and won’t break.

Now that you know how to pack your makeup, let’s move toward the real question …

It can also be hard to decide what you should take along with you and what to leave behind, especially when you’re a makeup enthusiast who owns a variety of makeup products.

Here are some makeup essentials that you must have with you when travelling:

  1. Hydrating Foundation
  2. Grab a Travel-Friendly Eyebrow Kit
  3. Give a Boost to Your Eyelashes
  4. Multi-Use Your Color Palette
  5. Either Matte or Glossy Lip Colour
  6. Makeup Fixing Spray

1. Hydrating Foundation

While you’re planning a vacation, a desire of looking flawless and beautiful also arises in you. In light of this, what should a girl do if she wants to appear her best? Of course, grab some multipurpose items. 

A hydrating foundation by essence products that also functions as a tinted moisturizer is one of the greatest beauty needs for travel.

Do you wonder why? Because Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are two elements that provide it with its skincare advantages in addition to being lightweight and buildable.

Do you want smoother texture protection? For this just add a few drops to your moisturizer and stir. This product is easy to pack because of its 36 available shades, under 100ML size, and travel-friendly design.

You can easily buy this hydrating foundation from buy essence products.

2. Grab a Travel-Friendly Eyebrow Kit

Keep your eyebrows on fleek with this mini travel-sized eyebrow kit. Never compromise on your eyebrows because these can change your appearance when done in the right way.

Add eyebrow kit by essence products online in Pakistan, to your travelling makeup kit.

With the help of the compact brush and soap-like substance in the kit, you can groom your brows while on the go and rapidly get feathery, sculpted brows that seem natural.

3. Give a Boost to Your Eyelashes

Many people’s favourite cosmetic item in their makeup bag is mascara. But because there are so many different lash lengths, shades, and densities, it may be difficult to create the ideal mascara for everyone.

Essence beauty products give you a marvellous range of essence waterproof mascara which also gives volume to your eyelashes and is easy to carry in your makeup bag. Buy essence beauty products online.

Waterproof mascara essence products are the must-have thing you need to add to your bag. Because who knows when it starts raining or you get into the water.

4.  Multi-Use Your Color Palette

A multipurpose palette by essence products is among the best vacation makeup essentials from a beauty standpoint.

One benefit is that you can use it for a variety of things. Take a look at this multi-functional nude palette, which functions as a blush, eyeshadow, and bronzer all in one. 

if you want a major glow-up, apply one of the four bronze, shimmery hues alone or combine them throughout the day or at night. buy essence products online in Pakistan easily and enjoy your holidays with these travel-friendly kits.

5.  Either Matte or Glossy Lip Color

Apart from adding lipsticks to your travelling makeup kit, one thing you must add is lip balm. It would turn out very useful as sometimes you don’t in the mood for colours so just apply lip balm and go!

Now if we talk about shades of lipsticks, it’s totally up to you. Everyone has their tastes in the matter of lip colours.  Like if you want matte shades you can choose from essence products matte lipsticks and if you want something glossy then essence products online in Pakistan provides a range of glossy lip shades too. You can buy essence products online.

6. Makeup Fixing Spray

Want to look fresh for hours? Don’t want sunlight, sweating, or humidity to ruin your makeup?

You just need to add a makeup fixer to your travelling makeup kit. Essence products give you the best makeup fixing spray. You can buy essence makeup beauty products online.

Essence products provide you with this product which is one of the few cosmetic products that can withstand the heat, humidity, and wetness of a beach or swimming pool. The composition of this 18-hour makeup fixing spray, which is infused with cucumber extract and is devoid of alcohol and oil, leaves skin feeling very cool and rejuvenated, making it the ideal beach and poolside companion. So, no more worries about smashed mascara or oily dull face. Say hello to your fresh look which can stay up to hours.

So, we are suggesting trash the stuff and save this must-have stuff in your backpack the next time you travel. Considering that these items are little and won’t take up much room in your backpack. They are important for the health of your skin in addition to being compact.