8 Eyeliner Hacks You Should Know

On the internet nowadays, there are several eyeliner hacks. However, the question is whether or not they are all useful.

Want to learn some hacks that will actually make applying eyeliner easier?

Well, although the best eyeliner in Pakistan is difficult to perfect, but once you do, I’m confident you’ll never want to use anything else!

This post contains 5 tried and tested eyeliner tricks that you’d love!

What are the Most Helpful Eyeliner Hacks?

This is the question that every woman wants an answer for, and we’ve got some amazing tips to share with you today!

  1. Use a Floss Holder

The latest best eyeliner in Pakistan’s trick is becoming popular on the internet these days, and it involves using a floss holder to get the ideal eyeliner effect.

Simply dip one of the handy small floss holders in eyeliner and delicately stamp it against the outer corner of the eye for a precise flick.

It should be repeated immediately above the previous line to allow the ends to meet.

Now use liquid eyeliner to fill in the gap.

Make sure your floss isn’t flavored before using it since different types of oils might hurt your eyes.

  1. Use Fingernail

This tip will come in handy if you intend to utilise gel eyeliner. Begin by buying the best gel eyeliner in Pakistan.

Dip the eyeliner brush in the gel and start drawing a line from the inner corner of your eye to your brow.

Create a triangle by drawing another line across your eyelid. Fill it in and draw a line around your eye.

Drag the tip of the wing to the tail of your brow with your fingernail now. You may achieve a razor-sharp edge with this method. Then keep the ending hidden so that everyone wonders how you managed to pull it off.

  1. Go for Stencil

Online purchasing has made eyeliner stencils quite accessible. They’re not only attractive, but they’re also really useful. You may possess this hack.

Simply place a stencil over your eyelid in the approximate location where you want the wing to be. Then, to build your wing, fill in the blanks.

Several stencils are available; some may have a section that extends over your eye, allowing you to line the whole eye, while others may only provide a wing shape. However, I am confident that you obtained a flawless wing by employing this technique.

  1. Use a Piece of Tape

Simply place a strip of adhesive tape at the corner of your eyes, extending up towards the tail of your brow. Make a line from the tape to the eyelid with your eyeliner.

Fill in the blanks to make a wing and a line.

Carefully remove the tape now. Before you use this app, keep in mind that you should put your eye makeup first and foundation second to avoid your make-up peeling off due to the tape.

  1. To Make Your Stamp, Use an Eraser

Eyeliner stamps are really useful. There are so many stamps to choose from on the internet. However, as you use them, they eventually dry up. Take an eraser and cut it into a triangular shape or whatever form you wing to be if you want a long-lasting imprint.

Then, using liquid liner, stamp on your eye.

Fill in the wing with colour and tidy it up if necessary. Repeat the procedure on the opposite eye as well. If you wish to reuse it, use makeup remover to clean it.

  1. The Combination Look

If you’re having trouble drawing a perfect line with liquid eyeliner, don’t worry; there’s a solution.

When buying eyeliners from Pakistan or anywhere else, purchase both a pencil and a liquid eyeliner.

Because of the pencil, your liquid liner will stay put, and removing it if you stray off course won’t be too tough. It’s the ideal blueprint for achieving excellence through hacking.

  1. Highlighting Your Eyes

No matter what kind of appearance you’re going for, this hack will help you get there. It will lighten your skin tones, brighten your eyes, and make them appear larger.

Apply a swish of white eyeliner to your waterline.

Use the same eyeliner to highlight your brows for a second lift. Apply the white pencil below and above your brows to give them more definition and structure. The white eyeliner pencil is underappreciated.

  1. Get a Natural Look

Do you find it difficult to get a natural appearance with your eyeliner? So, instead of applying it directly over your lash line, make sure it’s between your lashes.

When it comes to applying eyeliner, there are many tricks to try, and these are some of the most effective ones.

Lastly, as insisted above, always buy the best eyeliner in Pakistan that’s recommended and endorsed by celebrities or makeup experts. That’s because having a high-quality eyeliner would automatically make it easier for you to apply because best eyeliners always have a brush designed for smooth application.